These are the main steps that the users will have to carry out in order to assess their digital competences and receive an accreditation.

First: It is necessary to register on the platform

Second: You can consult the competences profiles defined in order to know with competences and levels are required for each profile, and consequently the knowledge and skills expected.

Third: Have a look at the help video in order to become familiar with the environment.

Fourth: Access to the test and evaluate your digital competences.

Fifth: After finishing the test, your digital profile with be updated with the latest results, and also your progress in the competence profiles. Check your digital profile!Moreover, at the end of the test if you would have completed an area (plus competence profile) an Open badge will be issued and you will receive in less than 24 hours an email with instructions about how to receive it.
Levels for each digital competence have been defined as shown in the image. Puntuation below 9% will be defined as INITIAL level.

The questions have been graded according to their level of difficulty. Each digital competence contains 3 knowledge questions (basic, intermediate and advance), 1 attitude question and 1 skills question. The responses of the attitude questions don't count in the final grade (are only for statistical purposes). The skill questions are the most difficult and their puntuation are higher.

Sixth: You will be able make the different tests all the times you need, and your digital profile will be updated.Furthermore, you will be able to download a digital certificate with your digital profile based on DIGCOMP, that you could upload it to your Europass CV.