EntreComp: The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework

EntreComp: The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework defines and describes what entrepreneurship as a competence is in order to provide a common understanding and reference for initiatives dealing with entrepreneurial learning.

The EntreComp model has been developed through an intensive process of research and experts and practitioners consultations, following the methodology the JRC applied for the Digital Competence Framework for Citizens.

EntreComp Conceptual Model: 3 competence areas and 15 specific competences.

The 3 competence areas and the 15 competences of the EntreComp framework are presented in the above figure-

This representation underlines that the 3 competence areas are tightly intertwined. The 15 competences are also interrelated and interconnected and should be treated as part of a whole. The coupling between competence areas and competences does not have taxonomic rigour and that the users of the framework are welcome to establish new links among areas and competences.

Among the questions that have guided the exploration of this work highlight:

  1. What is meant by entrepreneurship as a competence from the European context?

  2. What are the digital competences of DIGCOMP, identified as the most relevant for entrepreneurs?

  3. What is the level of digital competences needed for a good performance in entrepreneurship?

  4. Which of the 15 competences of the EntreComp framework can be enabled through the digital competences (DIGCOMP)?

  5. What particular digital competences are needed for each competence of EntreComp?