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The KZgunea is the Basque Country's (region in Spain) network of free public schools, or telecenters, for training and use of ICT in all municipalities of the Basque Country. It is funded by the Basque Government in collaboration with the Basque City Council Association (EUDEL). There are 277 telecenters throughout the Basque Country, aimed at integrating the Basque citizens in the information society. The schools promote an open and collaborative environment where citizens can receive free training and technical support in the use of ITC to improve their employability and therefore increases their personal digital abilities. There are 120 professionals, or e-facilitators, that provide the training and help services that are offered to registered users.

The objectives of this service are to support the 'Digital Agenda' goals, through ITC and digital training services and providing an optimal use of e-government services.

The KZgunea telecenters offer multiple services:

  1. Classroom training, with over 54,000 people trained in the last year, through more than 64,000 hours of training
  2. Online training through the 'Moodle' platform with tutored courses, and open access to over 90 available courses
  3. EGovernment services including accreditation of ICT skills (10,000 accreditations), digital certificate processing (600 certificates) or managing registering for mailboxes in the cloud (1,900 registered users)
  4. Collaboration with stakeholders such as the Basque Employment Service (550 courses offered to unemployed) or senior associations (400 courses).
  5. Collaborations with the Ikanos Basque Government project for mapping the digital skills training plan

The users are urged to acquire skills through Training roadmaps that offer a sequence of courses depending on the user's ICT profile and the technological objective.

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