About us


The Consortium for the Development of the Information and Knowledge Society in Andalusia 'Fernando de los Ríos' was set up as a public-law entity (located in Granada) with the task of developing and deploying throughout the Andalusia territory, projects and actions aimed at increasing the percentage of citizens who use the ICT, assuring the ICT access and use, mainly in groups with exclusion risk and in disadvantaged areas, as well as to promote them as an instrument of citizen participation in all aspects of public life, in the civil, institutional, social and political spheres.

Although the CFR was initially created with the objective of bringing digital literacy to the Andalusia region, quickly, and thanks to the fast deployment and installation of the rural and urban telecentres, we have realized the importance of working with and for the citizens. In order to do this, we have implemented specific methodologies to identify people needs. Since its evolution, Guadalinfo network has been growing quickly and nowadays the CFR is promoting sustainability and undertaking more initiatives. Guadalinfo is a perfect ecosystem for Living Labs and open innovation (more than 800 in total – and more than 750.000 users) where citizens are actively contributing. The only restriction for users is to be at least 4 years old.

Moreover, one of our key features is the large variety of users participating in the activities of Guadalinfo. In fact, telecentres are used to working with children, teenagers, elderly people, people with disabilities, etc. The Consortium tries to offer efficient public services and a better use of the ICT to Guadalinfo's users through training courses, piloting projects and testing products and services. In addition we are promoting entrepreneurship in the different telecentres.

The keys of a successful model are the commitment of the Andalusian regional government, the region's eight provincial council and the 770 city councils to support the Guadalinfo project, achieving the improvement citizens' quality of life through ICT and social innovation.

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